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يتيح لك Google Analytics Premium الاستفادة مما لديك من معلومات إلى أقصى درجة للخروج برؤى قابلة للتنفيذ، كما تمنحك خبرة E-Nor الطويلة وتجربتها في مجال تحليل البيانات الرقمية قدرةً أكبر على استغلال ما لديك من معلومات بشكلٍ مثالي. ساعدنا مجموعةً كبيرةً من أرقى الشركات العالمية وأنجح الوكالات الحكومية في الاستفادة مما بحوزتها من معلومات والاعتماد على البيانات في التخطيط للمستقبل.

We're proud to have served such clients as

  • ebay
  • YouTube
  • ADP
  • Sony
  • Social Security Administration
  • Stanford University

Our Consulting Services Include

Processing Power & Security

Guaranteed processing for up to 1 billion hits per month (and more). Own your data at maximum security.

Optimization Consulting

We help you navigate today’s toughest analytics challenges from cross-device to multi-channel attribution to Big Data integration and data visualization.

Tag Management

Focus on marketing instead of marketing technology and let’s deploy all of your analytics, conversion tracking and re-marketing tags in Google Tag Manager.

Unsampled Reports

Faster access to millions of rows of data in unsampled reports downloads. Access to granular hit level data.

Expert Advice

Dedicated account management, solution architects, technical and business analysts to support your entire group.

Cross-Channel Attribution

360 view of your prospects and life time value of your customers. Have visibility into all touch-points and their contribution to the conversion, customer acquisition and loyalty.

Service Level Agreements

Guaranteed SLA’s around Data Collection, Reporting and Processing. Reliable and up-to-date data.


Hands-on in-depth training for your management, marketing, product, support and technical teams.

About E-Nor

Feras Alhlou, Principal Consultant Led by Feras Alhlou, E-Nor, Inc. is a global digital analytics and marketing optimization consulting firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Some of the world’s most recognized brands and leading governmental agencies leverage E-Nor’s time-tested, platform-agnostic analytics framework for digital intelligence to become more data-driven. E-Nor contributes thought leadership content to industry publications and events, is a member of the Digital Analytics Association and a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller. E-Nor annually contributes two percent of revenue to non-profits.

Google Analytics Certified Partner Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller


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  • "قدم لنا مستشارو E-Nor دعماً فنياً ملائماً وسريعاً بكل احترافية، فقد ساعدونا في حلّ مشكلة عويصة بسرعة دون أن يعرف اليأس طريقه إليهم. ستكونون في إيدٍ أمينة إذا اخترتم E-Nor".
    سي. تي - جامعة هارفارد
    C.T. Harvard

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